Street artist Sabo strikes again.

The anonymous artist has posted several “Jihad Free Zone” signs across southern California, including in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Culver City, near the campus of UCLA and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, he writes on the Facebook page.

jihad free zone santa monica
jihad free zone hollywood

“If you truly love your family, your friends, your co-workers, yourself, you will make your area a “safe space” from Islamic terrorism by getting one of these signs,” the artist writes.

He notes the design is “officially” his fastest-censored design to date.

“Santa Monica, LACMA and Beverly Hills have declined my services by ripping down my ‘safe zone’ posters,” he notes.

jihad free zone santa monica ripped down

You can get your own “Jihad Free Zone” on the artist’s website,

Buyers can enter whatever “zone” they’d like to be declared “jihad free” and the artist will create a custom-made creation for only $15.