Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is increasingly striking a general election posture with his attacks on Hillary and Bill Clinton, and now on President Obama.

Trump released a short video today, reminding Americans that while ISIS continues to be a threat to America, Obama is focusing on fictional wars.

We need a real President!We need a real President!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

“We are in a serious war,” the words read on the screen as the video begins.

It includes a clip from Good Morning America on the ISIS terrorist attack in Paris.

“The ability to produce fraudulent passports,” says a reporter from CNN.

“Our president is busy with another war,” the text reads. It then cuts to President Obama’s final press conference of the year, in which he ended it by saying, “Okay everybody, I gotta get to ‘Star Wars’.”

“Time for a leader with real priorities,” the web ad ends.