In a last-minute appeal for donations — for as little as $1 — Hillary Clinton made a promise that she “won’t lose again.”

In an email titled, “I won’t lose again,” the Democratic frontrunner wrote:

Friend —

I know what it’s like to be up in December of one year and lose in the spring of the next. I bet many of you might remember that feeling, too.

We aren’t going to let that happen again. I will work my heart out to make sure of that.

If you’re with me, chip in $1 right now and let’s hit our $2 million year-end online fundraising goal before midnight tomorrow:

Thank you,


At this point in the 2008 race against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton was leading 45% to Obama’s 27%, according to a December 2007 Gallup poll.

“If the race for the Democratic nomination narrows down to just Clinton and Obama, 55% of Democrats say they would prefer Clinton, while 38% would prefer Obama,” the company found.

Fast-forward to December 2015, CNN reports, “Overall, Clinton tops Sanders among registered voters who are Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents 50% to 34%.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps that’s why she’s pleading for money while reassuring her supporters.