Fox News aired a stunning report Tuesday claiming the contents of Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server contained communications that were above the “top secret” classification.

Charles Faddis, a former CIA agent, told Fox News, “these are the crown jewels of the American intelligence community of the United States government.

“If this information is compromised, we’re going to suffer very serious national security damage, people are going to die, quite frankly,” he said in the report.

“Hillary Clinton’s emails on her personal server did contain intelligence from the U.S. government’s secretive and most highly classified operations, known as Special Access Program, or the acronym SAP,” Catherine Herridge reported.

“These programs are highly restricted, and on a need-to-know basis only.”

Herridge noted Gen. David Patraeus was prosecuted for shared information that fell under the SAP classification category.

“Both Patraeus and Mrs. Clinton when she was secretary of state signed non-disclosure agreements promising to protect intelligence from Special Access Programs with the understanding that failure to do so has significant criminal consequences,” Herridge said.

She added the basis of Gen. Patraeus’s prosecution was his “gross negligence” in sharing the sensitive information.

“So now there is a clear question: Will there be a standard treatment in the Patraeus and Clinton cases, or will there be a law for her and a different set of rules for him?” Herridge wondered.