Perhaps Americans should be more worried about the seemingly frail and sickly Bill and Hillary Clinton, and less so about their 74-year-old rival Bernie Sanders.

During an appearance in Fairfield, Iowa Friday, KTVO reports Clinton was “much more direct today in attacking his wife’s chief opponent in the race, Bernie Sanders,” than at a Thursday rally.

“Who will do the most to make you a part of the future that the president painted in the State of the Union,” Clinton said, his voice quivering. “How are we going to do it and who’s the best change maker to do it?

“It’s not close. Hillary is the best change maker to do it,” Clinton said, his hand shaking as he pointed at the audience.

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The once energetic Clinton is showing his age. It’s not 1992 anymore.

KTVO reports 350 people turned out to see the former president, but notes “many” of them were Sanders supporters who turned out to see the former president.

The news station also tweeted out this photo, again claiming 350 in attendance.

(Does that look like 350 people to you?)

The Clinton campaign has been plagued by low turnout at events, certainly an indication of enthusiasm — or lack thereof.

The Globe Gazette reported there were so many people at Bernie Sander’s rally in Mason City Wednesday night, some had to stand outside in the freezing cold and watch through the windows.

Sam Frizell of Time Magazine appeared on MSNBC Thursday and reported Clinton also appeared in Mason City Wednesday night and couldn’t match Sanders’s crowd.

Clinton had 300 attend while Sanders had 1,100 — nearly four times the former president’s total.