Bernie Sanders is quickly going to realize the economy is not the only thing he thinks is rigged.

A chart published at shows despite Sander’s massive 22 percentage point blowout victory over Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state is still walking away with more delegates.

CNN NH Dem delegates

A total of 32 delegates are available from the state of New Hampshire: 24 “Pledged” — based on election results — and 8 “Super” delegates, that is, party elites.

Not even a convincing 146,680 to 93,131 win over Clinton would allow Sanders to walk away with what really matters: nominating convention delegates. He’s getting 13 while Clinton scores 15.

Activists are launching a campaign to get six superdelegates to switch their support from Clinton to Sanders to reflect the desires of the electorate.

They’re targeting these Clinton backers, according to a petition:

Joanne Dowdell: DNC Board of Directors
Maggie Hassan: Governor
Ann Kuster: Representative of the 2nd congressional district
Billy Shaheen: DNC Committeeman
Jeanne Shaheen: Senator
Kathy Sullivan: DNC Committeewoman

“It is these 6 peoples endorsements, who, despite Bernie Sanders winning New Hampshire by a margin of over 20 percentage points, have resulted in Hillary Clinton leading among delegates, that is not democracy, and we need to fix this,” according to the petition.