There’s nothing subtle about Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts’ reaction to President Obama’s idea to close the terrorist detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Roberts literally threw it in the trash.

“This is what I think of the president’s plan to send terrorists to the United States,” Roberts said before balling up the papers and throwing them into a garbage can.

CNN reports Obama sent his plan to Congress earlier today — seven years after proposing it.

“The plan we’re putting forward today isn’t just about closing the facility at Guantanamo. It’s not just about dealing with the current group of detainees, which is a complex piece of business because of the manner in which they were originally apprehended and what happened. This is about closing a chapter in our history,” Obama said.

“Keeping this facility open is contrary to our values,” he said. “It undermines our standing in the world. It is viewed as a stain on our broader record of upholding the highest standards of rule of law.”

To say Roberts disagrees may be putting it mildly.