Wide-angle crowd shots seem to be a thing this election cycle.

When done correctly, as in Donald Trump’s case, they can show a massive crowd and project widespread support. Or, in other instances, they can expose the smallness of one’s audience.

The latter is the case when it comes to Bill Clinton’s audience in Rock Hill, South Carolina Thursday.

From the back of the room, things appear big — big flags, long rows. From the front of the room, things seem small. A quick head count shows only about 200 people turned out to see the former president.

Video posted by the Charlotte Observer shows no audience members behind Clinton, in the photo above, what you see is what you get.

The crowd shot from Rock Hill is a cornucopia of expressions: in the front row alone, one woman covers her face. A man slumps in his chair with his arms folded across his chest. One child is yawning while another has her head in her hands.

Several people are browsing their smart phones.

Despite the seemingly lackluster enthusiasm for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the state, a poll released Friday shows Hillary leading Bernie Sanders among South Carolina Democratic voters by some 28 points, according to Real Clear Politics.