It’s not going to be an easy path to the nomination for Hillary Clinton as many predicted and expected.

MookCampaign manager Robby Mook issued another panicked email to supporters Monday, reminding them Hillary came out the loser after this past weekend’s primary votes.

In the email, titled, “We lost 3 of 4,” he writes:

After another weekend of contests, Donald Trump has two more wins, and he’s added to his already formidable lead in the delegate count.

Hillary is the only candidate who can take Trump down, but this primary isn’t over yet. We’re still losing the money race — Bernie’s campaign outraised us by $12 million in February — and even though we picked up delegates, we lost 3 of this weekend’s 4 contests.

We cannot afford to give this nomination away — there’s simply too much at stake.

“We have the momentum. We have a path toward victory,” Bernie Sanders said in a statement after winning in Kansas and Nebraska. “Our campaign is just getting started and we are going all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.”

Sanders won big in Maine.

“Four minutes after caucuses closed, the Associated Press called the race for Sanders Sunday. As of midnight, the self-identified democratic socialist led with 64 percent over the former secretary of state’s 36 percent support, with 91 percent of precincts reporting,” reports.

Clinton won Louisiana on Saturday.