There’s at least one female Millennial voter who isn’t buying the line Hillary Clinton is selling to woo young people.

The young woman was seated behind Clinton during the Fox News Town Hall event Monday night in Detroit.

Answering a question from moderator Bret Baier, Clinton said, “(There’s) big turnout among young people. I love to see that.

“And I’m going to continue to attract young people. I’m proud of those supporting me,” Clinton said as the young woman winced, as if she was watching a pimple porn video.

“And I tell young people all the time, ‘You may not be for me now, but I am for you regardless,'” Hillary said, provoking head shaking from the young woman. She sat stone-faced as the audience applauded Clinton’s statement.

The young woman is just the latest example of Clinton’s struggles with Millennials.

Exit polling after the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1 showed Sanders trounced Clinton among voters aged 17-29 by a whopping 70 points, 84% to 14%.

There were similar results in Massachusetts. Poll results published by the New York Times found that same age group backed Sanders by an even larger margin — 87% to 13%.