The Hillary Clinton campaign said it was bad weather that kept Bill from addressing a small crowd in Kansas City on Tuesday.

Only about 300 people turned out to see the former president — in a metropolitan area that boasts some 2.34 million people.

KMBC reports the crowd had already assembled and was awaiting Clinton by chanting for Hillary and the Kansas City Royals.

The news station reports 365 people turned out, but a camera pan of the room shows it more empty than full.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said it was Clinton’s pilot who made the decision because of apparent thunderstorms in the area.

“They were trying desperately to convince the pilots to come, but the pilots, I think, exercised great judgement and said, ‘no, absolutely not,'” Cleaver said.

“I’m sorry Bill didn’t make it,” one woman said, “but we didn’t want to risk his health or anything.”

A seemingly devastated Cleaver addressed the audience, who apparently didn’t know the former president wouldn’t be arriving.

“Those of you here in Hillaryland, let me just say to you the president will not be able to land,” he said in a video published by the Kansas City Star. The paper showed a light rain falling outside the venue.

“The weather has been too difficult for the plane to come into Kansas City,” he said.

“Unless we make the next crowd five times this size,” Kansas City Mayor Sly James told the small audience, “unless we commit to getting out the vote, unless we commit to doing the things that are necessary for us to prevail, when it’s time to prevail,” they won’t win.

Cleaver acknowledged the Democrats have a big problem trying to inspire voters.

“There’s an enthusiasm gap, no question about it,” he said. “All you have to do is look at the Republican turnout versus the Democratic turnout.”

“But I do think that between the time of the convention and November, we’re gonna have to figure out a way to inspire Democrats to get out to vote,” he told the paper.

He said there is “no great amount of enthusiasm with the two Democratic candidates,” and he blamed that on the media’s focus on Donald Trump.