Bill Clinton sparred a protester who challenged the former president over his statements — but only as the Secret Service was throwing him out of the rally.

Clinton was speaking Saturday at the University of Toledo in Ohio.

The man began shouting about Soviet Russia and the millions of people who died at the hands of Josef Stalin.

As the crowd began booing, Clinton said, “I don’t want to respond the way the Trump people do,” before the protester shouted about Hillary allegedly being behind the anti-Trump protests in Chicago.

In a hoarse voice, Clinton attempted to regain control of the room as attendees shouted back.

The protester and Clinton went back and forth as a security agent could be seen moving through the crowd towards the protester.

The former president began touting his record as the man was forcibly escorted out of the room.

“Wait, wait, I want you to hear this young man,” Clinton said as the man was led out. “I listened to you. Are you too afraid to listen?

“You see, the one thing I hate about bullies is they’re all chicken in the end,” he said to cheers. “They like to mouth off .”

As the man neared the exit, he could be seen wearing a Hillary campaign button.