Maybe they were there because it was free. Maybe they were there because it was air-conditioned.

Video from a holding area for Hillary Clinton rally attendees in Orlando, Florida shows a long line of people completely disinterested in joining in chants for the candidate.

In a gymnasium at Rollins College, a woman in a campaign t-shirt stood on the bleachers and began clapping in an attempt to lead the people in pro-Hillary cheers.

“I believe that she will win,” she chanted, trying to get the crowd to join. Only a smattering did.

Most stood with their hands in their pockets, chatted with a neighbor or browsed their phones. A man with a Bernie Sanders t-shirt laughed with another attendee.

But the campaign worker was undeterred.

“I say Hillary, you say fire!” the woman chanted. “Hillary, Fire!” she said.

Most of the people weren’t on fire for Hillary.

“When I say Hillary, you say champion!”

If this unenthusiastic crowd is any indication, it may be a long election day for the current Democratic front runner.