The media rarely gets a chance to speak to Hillary Clinton, so when they’re so fortunate, the average American would think journalists would take full advantage of the opportunity.

Many Americans want to get to the bottom of the “homebrew server” email scandal and FBI investigation. Others want to know Hillary’s role in abandoning four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

When Clinton graced Boise, Idaho’s Mix 106 with her presence this morning, instead of trying to get serious answers, the hosts had a different agenda.

Their softball questions included:

  • “If you get a laid back night at home, what is it for you: pizza or burgers?”
  • “For your birthday, do you like a gift card or something a little more personalized?”
  • “When you’re watching Charlotte and you get to be grandma for a while, do you follow the rules of mom and dad or do you like to take some of those grandparent liberties?”

The Mix 106 hosts weren’t done. Instead of pressing the Democratic front runner — who has had only one press conference in over 100 days — about anything of substance, she instead was probed over something *everyone* cares about.

“What’s your favorite romantic comedy?” the host asked her.

Clinton responded, “Oh my gosh! You know, there’s so many that I love. I love the ‘Princess Bride’. You know, I’ve seen it like 25 times or something over the course of my life.”

“That’s a good one,” the host said.