Leftists are escalating their violent tactics against Republican front runner Donald Trump by beheading a Trump effigy look-alike in the streets of Salt Lake City.

Nicole Vowell of KSL 5 tweeted several videos of protesters standing on the steps of city hall on Friday.

In one, a man says, “I don’t like anything about Trump,” before taking a stick and beheading the effigy hung by a noose.

He then picks up the head and attempts to punt it like a football.

Another unhinged protester screamed into the microphone about Trump’s hair.

“How can Trump run a country when he can’t even do his hair right!” he yelled as the mob cheered. With a frenzied look in his eye, he beat the effigy and screamed. His Twitter profile says he’s a barista at Starbucks.

“Yes that’s me and I just led a revolution,” he tweeted.

Fox 13 reports protesters clashed with police after the protest. The news station adds rocks were thrown at Trump rally attendees as they exited the Infinity Event Center.