Bill Clinton accuser Paula Jones took to Facebook today to offer some perspective on the Corey Lewandowski/Michelle Fields kerfuffle.

“The media is more worried about Trumps campaign manager holding back a stalker with force than they are about Hillary’s true crimes and deceit! REALLY???” Jones wrote.

Paula Jones Corey

Jones was seen at a Donald Trump rally in Little Rock, Arkansas in February.

Arkansas Online reported:

A video of the event posted on YouTube shows Trump greeting fans as he walks off the stage. People can be heard yelling “Paula Jones,” to focus the candidate’s attention toward her.

Jones is then shown saying “I want a selfie,” which she then takes with Trump.

Trump and Jones then appear to talk, but what they say cannot be heard over the sound of the crowd and the arena’s music.

Here’s the video:

Paula Jones sued then-President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment over an incident she said took place in a Little Rock hotel room in which then-Gov. Clinton exposed himself and propositioned her. He ultimately settled the case for $850,000.