PART III of III — Sally Miller has a warning for young women: Hillary Clinton will not look out for you.

Miller, who had a three-month affair with then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton in 1983, offered her assessment of Hillary as a woman during a recent visit with The American Mirror.

“Just because she was married to a president, just because she was secretary of state, just because she was a United States senator doesn’t mean that she is qualified to represent America,” Miller says.

“She has no idea what poor people want and need,” she said, before touching on the basics of being a normal person.

“She wouldn’t know the first thing about cooking a meal by herself and cleaning it up. Running a vacuum? Can you imagine Hillary Clinton running a vacuum cleaner? No, I can’t.

“Emptying the dishwasher? Oh no, not at all.”

After contemplating for a moment, Miller continues, “I don’t care if she is a lesbian. I don’t care if she enjoys sex. Doesn’t bother me one single bit if she likes 10 women in bed with her at the same time.

“I care about her saving this country for future generations. I care about her protecting this country. That’s the number one thing. We have the enemy knocking at our door. We have the enemy living in this country and she’s gotta be strong. She’s gotta be able to face the American people and say ‘I’m doing everything within my power to save you and your family. She can’t do that,” Miller says.

“She wouldn’t know the first thing about it.”

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On the issue of Hillary’s temperament, Miller says, “I had heard that she threw plates and she threw items, a chair, and I asked Bill about that because that came out before I knew Bill and he said, yeah, she’s got a violent temper. He said she cusses like a sailor.

Hillary2“And I don’t think we need that. We don’t need trash in the White House,” Miller tells The American Mirror.

Similar accusations have been reported elsewhere.

Last October, journalist Ed Klein wrote that Hillary had recently assaulted a “low level” campaign staffer.

“She has been pushing around and yelling and screaming at her campaign advisers,” Klein says. “In one case, a young woman, who’s very low level — more than an intern but not a major figure — didn’t do exactly what Hillary wanted. Hillary started screaming and yelling at her. The woman turned around the leave and Hillary went out and grabbed her arm and twisted her arm.

“This is the kind of behavior that they’re very concerned Hillary will demonstrate in public and really ruin her chances.”

Roger Stone says she has even turned her rage on Bill himself.

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“Hillary Clinton has a long history of being domestically violent with Bill,” Stone writes in “The Clintons’ War On Women,” the New York Post reports. “Hillary has beaten Bill, hit him with hard objects, scratched and clawed him, and made him bleed.”

Miller contends one conversation in particular with Bill provided a window into Hillary’s soul.

“He said it was hell to live with her while she was pregnant because she didn’t want to be pregnant. She didn’t want children.

“And that tells me something about a woman, when she’s more important than the baby she’s carrying. It tells me a lot.

“You know, she’s a very strong advocate for feminists and she’s very big on killing babies in the womb, even late-term abortions.

“If I were a young person today, I would not use her as my role model,” Miller says. “She’s got a coldness that tells me if this country gets in dire straits, if we had a civil war, if we were invaded by the enemy, she wouldn’t care about protecting the innocent, the young.

She’d be protected — and all her political friends.”