Hillary Clinton believes her struggles to overcome the 74-year-old socialist senator are not because of her message but instead her gender.

Yes, Bernie Sanders is the new glass ceiling.

In an interview with Politico, Clinton lamented that she’s not a “natural politician.”

“I would love having the job of president because I know how to do it. I know what the country needs. But the campaigning part is hard for me,” she told Glenn Thrush.

“What about it do you find a little less natural and fun than other campaigns?” he asked.

“Well, you know, and some of this may be personal to me, and some of it, from all the literature I’ve read, may be gender-linked,” she responded.

“Oh really,” Thrush responded.

Clinton insists she’s so inclusive, it’s hard for her to focus on herself.

When she first ran in 2000, she said “… it was incredibly hard for me to say the pronoun ‘I’ instead of ‘we.’ I had been a strong supporter not just of my husband but other people who I tried to get elected, tried to help in any way I could. I’m very comfortable saying, you know, ‘he,’ ‘she,’ ‘we,’” she told Thrush.

“But when I had to stand up in front of people and basically say, ‘I’m asking for your vote, I’m telling you what I want to do,’ that took years,” she claimed.

“It absolutely took years. And it was funny because a lot of people picked up on it, mostly my friends and supporters who would say, ‘You know, you’re not campaigning for somebody else. You’re actually campaigning for yourself.’

“I had to really work at that,” she insisted. “And, even today, I have to remind myself, you know, I’m asking people to vote for me.”