They clearly don’t like talking about it, but Hillary Clinton’s campaign conceded today she won’t be able to secure the nomination before the convention without party bosses pulling her over the line.

Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon was questioned today about the potential of Clinton getting the nomination only with the help of pledged delegates — the ones awarded based on voter preference.

He, instead, only talked about delegates as a whole, which of course includes “super delegates” — politicians and party bosses who get to put their thumb on the scales.

“There is zero percent chance that Hilary Clinton will not clinch this nomination prior to the convention. It absolutely will happen — certainly after California, possibly even before California,” Fallon said.

“We will reach the number — 2383 — of delegates you need to clinch the nomination.”

He believes, based on the campaign’s “trajectory,” they will be 90% of the way there.

“When you add up the pledged delegates that she has amassed right now, she has lead of about over 200 pledged delegates over Sen. Sanders.

“We expect to gain even more delegates even in those contests in May, even if he wins some of them.

“And when you combine that with some of the party leaders and elected officials that serve as superdelegates, where she also has a significant advantage, she think she’ll reach that number probably — possibly — by the end of May,” Fallon said.

As of today, Clinton has 1,289 pledged delegates to Sanders’ 1,038, according to the AP. Clinton meanwhile, has the commitment of 469 superdelegates, compared to only 31 for Sanders.