Bernie’s isn’t as big as he says it is, if you listen to Robby Mook.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager took to CNN Thursday to dispute Sanders’ most recent crowd size: a reported 27,000 in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park.

CNN contrasted the massive crowd for Sanders, with a relatively paltry one for Clinton.

Mook dismissed the comparison and said, “I would prefer to be the candidate who’s winning the popular vote, and that is exactly what Hillary Clinton is doing.

“She has a lead over Sanders of over 2.4 million votes, she is winning the delegate contest by a bigger margin than President Obama ever was in 2008, so we feel really good about where we are right now,” he said.

He wouldn’t concede the crowd of 27,000 is “a good picture” — and disputed the actual number.

“The park service is saying it was significantly smaller than that. They’re actually saying it might have been as small as a third of the number that the Sanders campaign is quoting.

“But again, what matters in this race is the voice of the voters and Hillary Clinton is overwhelmingly winning this primary contest,” Mook said.