As Donald Trump is poised to win big in New York on Tuesday, is he now shifting to a general election strategy?

During a speech in Hartford, Connecticut on Friday, the Republican front runner tore into Hillary Clinton.

“Folks, we need a change, but not an Obama change. We need a real change,” Trump told the estimated 6,000-7,000 people inside the Convention Center.

“We don’t need Hillary Clinton, who’s a disaster. We don’t need Hillary Clinton,” he said to cheers.

“Hillary Clinton is a joke,” Trump declared. “Hillary Clinton knows nothing about trade. She knows nothing about business except getting business and money into her own accounts. Using what she’s got to get it in.

“Remember when she said she was poor, she had no money? And she had tens of millions of dollars. She’s a liar, when you think,” Trump said, responding to a shout from the audience.

Making reference to his “Lyin’ Ted” nickname for Ted Cruz, “I don’t know if we can use the same term (for Hillary). We have a good term coming up,” Trump teased.

“Hillary Clinton is never going to bring jobs back to this country. Wall Street owns Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Fox 61 reports Trump had an overflow crowd, with another 1,000 people unable to get in.

The very first person arrived in line at 8:00 a.m. for the evening rally.