Hillary Clinton is not to blame for the dim view Democrats have of her — their anti-woman biases are.

That’s according to the Clinton campaign, if you believe NY1 political commentator Errol Louis.

He appeared on CNN this morning to discuss the New York primary and was asked about Clinton’s high unfavorable ratings.

Chris Cuomo noted Clinton’s unfavorable rating is 20 points down from “where it should be” among Democrat registered voters. Clinton is viewed unfavorably by 56% of Democrats, while Bernie Sanders’ negative rating is much lower, at just 36%.

“It means she’s got something she’s got to overcome,” Louis said. “Let me suggest to you, because some of her strategists have said this quietly, it’s not really a big thing on the campaign trail.

“A lot of this is sexism. I mean, it’s buried so deep that people just say, ‘I don’t trust her. She doesn’t keep her word.’

“And then you turn around and say, well what politician does? … Politicians all the time, they change their opinions, they move here, they move there.

“With Hillary Clinton, though, it seems to be something that’s completely unacceptable. Everybody raises money from all kinds of sources, she’s the one they throw dollar bills at,” Louis said.

“So they’re saying it’s sexism, not the cascade of scandals?” Cuomo interjected.

“I think there’s an element of that,” Louis responded.