If Hillary Clinton thinks the Democratic Party is going to coalesce around her if beats Bernie Sanders, she may have her work cut out for her.

David Webb attended a Sanders rally in Brooklyn on Sunday and many attendees said they could never vote for Clinton.

One man rolled his eyes when he was asked if he thought Hillary is honest. “I think she’s honest to the people that pay her,” he said.

“She’s okay, I don’t want to be mean,” one woman said, before adding, “she’s the devil,” with laugh.

“She’s always changing her mind on everything,” another woman said.

One respondent couldn’t think of anything he liked about Clinton while another man exclaimed “No way!” when he was asked if he liked her. He said both Clinton and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz are “corrupt.”

A younger person said he couldn’t vote for her if she won the nomination and he, too, doubted her honesty.

“Bernie or bust,” another man said. “Bernie or there’s going to be a revolution in this country.”

When asked if he could support Hillary as the nominee, a man said, “I might throw up, but I might have to do it.”

New Yorkers vote today.