In an apparent attempt to control who is able to talk to the candidate — and reduce the possibility of embarrassing moments — the Hillary Clinton campaign is severely restricting the crowd size at a Virginia event today.

hillary incomes adNot only that, but the campaign is hampering media coverage by allowing a “pool” reporter only.

Clinton is scheduled to appear at the Mug-N-Muffin in Stone Ridge, Virginia at 2 pm.

At the event, she reportedly will be talking with “young families about the struggles they face with affordable child care, paid family leave and health care,” according to a description of the event.

The general public is not invited — and neither is the media.

“Due to space constraints at this venue, this event will be invitation only and pooled for press,” according to the event description.

She’s likely trying to avoid confrontations with angry coal miners or upset Latino students.

A coal worker who is now out of a job confronted Hillary Clinton with a picture of his family last week — and he was met with an icy response.

“The reason you hear those people (protesters) out there saying some of the things that they say is because when you make comments like ‘we’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs,’ this is the kind of people you’re affecting.

“This is my family,” the man said, reaching across the table to put a picture of his family in front of Clinton.

“My hope is in God,” the man said, choking back tears. “That’s my future,” he said, pointing to the picture. “I want my family to know that they have a future in this state.”

Clinton, offering little compassion for the man in emotional pain, claimed her remark, below, was “taken out of context.”

Later in the week, Clinton was confronted by a man holding a banner along the rope line at a Los Angeles rally.

While much of what he was yelling was unintelligible, he could be heard calling her a “murderer.”

Hillary campaign staff and supporters could be seen pulling down his sign and pushing him away from the rope line.

He was elbowed before being bear hugged and led away.