There apparently are *a lot* of students who will knowingly give financial aid to terrorists.

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, posing as a worker for “American Friends For Hamas,” made a series of provocative statements to students walking on the campus of Portland State University recently, including:

  • “We’re not your father’s terrorist organization, we’ve kind of evolved beyond that.”
  • “We want to fund operations against Israel and the types of attacks we’re talking about are cafes and schools, you know, soft targets.”
  • “Cafes and schools — soft targets. You know, make them feel it.”
  • “The suicide bomber’s all we’ve got. It’s kind of like the poor man’s F-15.”
  • “We want to wipe Israel off the map.”

What happens with Ami holds Hamas fundraiser on Portland State University’s campus? Appallingly, nothing but success. Another stunning video from Ami Horowitz / Disruptive Pictures.

Posted by StandWithUs on Monday, May 23, 2016

“I’ve actually been learning about, this last school year, about everything that’s going on over there so I like the sound of what you’re doing,” one person said. “It sounds like a great thing to do.”

Another said, “I’m totally against the Israeli genocide.”

Horowitz claimed to many of the students that he’s looking to take BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction of Israel) “to the next level.”

One woman offered $15 to help the cause. Several others offered anywhere from $5 to $25 to support the terrorism of “American Friends For Hamas.”

“Let’s say $27 since that seems to be my Bernie (Sanders) donation,” another woman said.

“To get peace, first you’ve got to destroy some stuff,” Horowitz quipped to one person.