There’s at least one Sanders brother who doesn’t think much of Hillary Clinton and isn’t afraid to say it.

Larry Sanders, Bernie Sanders’s older brother, slammed Hillary during a panel discussion on the U.S. presidential election in Wales, United Kingdom on Saturday.

After fellow panelist Sarah Churchwell provided a fawning defense of Clinton, Sanders let it rip.

“I think a lot of what Hillary Clinton has earned is in her own right. But what she has earned in her own right is pretty bad.

“Remember this: she was not a stay at home mum as first lady. She was a very powerful political figure and the things she supported and forwarded…”

“National healthcare,” Churchwell chimed in.

“She failed on the healthcare,” Sanders countered, “and what she’s done now is really despicable.

“She has turned around and said national healthcare, universal healthcare is not possible in the United States. Now, she’s worked on it for 20 years. She knows to the last inch how wasteful and disgraceful this system we’ve got is.

“She turned against it as a good ploy against Bernard,” Sanders said.

“She was at the forefront of the ‘lock them all up,'” he continued, presumably talking about Bill Clinton’s crime bill.

“And her comments about predators. She started her career working for children. She turned on children. She was the prime mover of the anti-welfare system in America which has caused — somebody studied it, how many deaths has it caused.

“A disagreeable politician — whether she believed with any of these things were good or not, they were popular at the time,” Sanders said.

“She is a perfect example of the very sort of politician — the very fact that she’s a woman, in my opinion is not the issue. The issue is what kind of politician she is,” he said.