No, many of Bernie Sanders’s supporters will not unify behind Hillary Clinton.

MSNBC talked to a number of Sanders fans who say they will write his name in, instead of voting for the so-called “presumptive” Democratic nominee.

Reporter Chris Jansing says it’s going to be “a very tough sell” to get many Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton. “They are extremely skeptical” of her, she says.

“She says she’s one of us. She’s not,” Courtney Moore said. “You can’t sit there and tell me you live in a huge mansion and I can barely afford my rent. She doesn’t have a humble bone in her body,” Moore said during the focus group in Colorado.

“She doesn’t understand why she’s not getting support from women of the country. It’s because she’s not relatable. I feel like as a woman, I’m not going to choose the candidate just because of their gender. That’s ridiculous to me,” Moore said.

“I will write his name in,” she declared.

Four of the six participants said they would prefer him as a write-in alternative to Hillary Clinton.

“If Hillary Clinton cannot win the general election without our support, she does not deserve the nomination,” Jackie Anderson said.