Hillary Clinton’s base of support appears to have hit its high watermark eight years ago.

Hillary Clinton Eau Claire yawnThe election results from the California and New Jersey primaries are just the latest examples of the contraction of enthusiasm her campaign seems to be experiencing.

With 94.4% of precincts reporting, Clinton won 1,841,285 votes in California on Tuesday, compared to Bernie Sanders’s 1,416,742, Politico reports.

That’s nearly a 30% drop in total support from 2008, when she received 2,608,184 votes, or 51.47%. (Barack Obama got 2,186,662 votes or 43.16%.)

The results weren’t much better in New Jersey. While Clinton won the state — as she did in 2008 — she saw a decline in support there, too.

On Tuesday, Clinton received 542,656 votes, or 63.35% of the ballots cast compared to Sanders’s 315,194 votes, according to the Politico totals.

That’s a 13% decline in support from her 2008 turnout, when she received 613,500 votes — or 53.76% of the total votes, compared to 501,374 ballots cast for Obama.