A new poll of San Diego, California residents finds the vast majority would support a massive tax hike to deport illegal aliens.

illegal-immigrant-crossing-signThe survey, conducted by KGTV and the San Diego Union-Tribune, reveals 61% of respondents would pay an additional $4,000 per taxpayer “to deport America’s illegal immigrants.”

Just 29% said they would not.

The poll also found 54% believe “people who have entered the United States without proper documentation” should be deported, while 34% say they should be allowed to stay.

When it comes to presidential candidates, a plurality believe Donald Trump has the “better approach” to immigration.

According to the poll, 47% side with Trump’s proposals, while 37% support Hillary Clinton.

Breaking the results down by race, blacks and Hispanics are supporting Trump’s proposals in bigger numbers than whites.

On the same question, the poll finds 53% of blacks and 50% of Hispanics side with Trump, compared to 31% and 30% respectively for Clinton. Trump’s advantage is slightly narrower among whites, 47% to 40%.

The survey finds most disagree with President Obama’s approach — 50% to 36% supporting his policies.

The poll was of San Diego County residents and has a margin of error of 4.8%.

Politically, San Diego County is not a conservative one.

President Obama won it in 2012 over Mitt Romney, 52.6% to 45%.