While most men get socks or tools for Christmas, a White House aide reportedly gave President Bill Clinton something else each year: sex.

Bill CLinton SantaThat’s one of many revelations in Dolly Kyle’s new book, “Hillary The Other Woman: A Political Memoir.”

According to Kyle, Clinton had a whole host of women at his disposal to meet his “sex addiction.”

One, she identifies as former White House aide Marsha Scott, said her annual Christmas gift to Clinton was sex.

“I’ll introduce Marsha Scott,” Kyle writes in chapter 44. “Billy and Marsha had known each other since the 1970s in Arkansas, and she went to Washington with him to work in the White House, as an aide.

“At some point, Marsha Scott reportedly told her boyfriend Danny Dwyer that she and Billy Clinton had had sex every Christmas for the past thirty years. ‘It’s my annual Christmas present to him,’ she supposedly said.”

Kyle adds, “Marsha Scott and Billy Clinton had their sentimental Christmas anniversary sex every year, and she continued to aid him in whatever else he needed in the White House. Lying didn’t seem to bother either one of them.”

According to Kyle, Scott was one of literally thousands of women Clinton said he bedded up to that point in 1987 when he confessed to her that he was a “sex addict.”

From Chapter 17:

As far as common knowledge goes, 1982 was the first year in which Hillary hired private investigators to track the women who had sex with Billy. It would be another five years before Billy admitted to me that he was a sex addict.

Later, we had an odd conversation when talking about pro basketball player Wilt Chamberlain’s claim to have had sex with about twenty thousand women.

Billy seemed almost undone by Chamberlain’s stunning announcement.

“That’s ten times more women than I’ve had!” he said. There was disappointment, and admiration, in his voice.

Do the math. Billy’s admitted sexual encounters were limited to two thousand –back then!

According to Kyle, those women also included “one prominent black female newscaster who used to brag openly around the television station about her relationship with the governor, although they were ‘only’ indulging in oral sex.”

There was a black prostitute, too.

As Kyle writes, “Billy never denied the story of having an ongoing relationship with the black prostitute, and with her friends. Billy did deny having a black baby.

“Anyone, including Hillary, who is familiar with the special dialect known as Clintonese, realizes that this is a true statement.”

Kyle explains Clinton’s way of thinking, “Billy could not have had ‘a black baby’ because Billy is not black. He could, however, have a half-black, half-white baby, but no one asked him about that.”

Failure on the part of the media to do so, Kyle argues, allowed the avoidance of “a full disclosure” or “at least a complete and dissectible lie.”

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