The mother of a victim of the Benghazi terrorist attack bristled at Hillary Clinton’s notion today that it’s “time to move on.”

Appearing on Fox News, Patricia Smith ripped Clinton.

“Hillary is a liar,” said Smith, who was the mother of U.S. information management officer Sean Smith.

“It is definitely not time to move on. It has not been dealt with.”

Smith says there’s only one thing that would give her closure: to “see Hillary in stripes.”

“I think she ought to be made to acknowledge what she did, and she has not. So far, all she has done is lied and people are believing her.”

Smith doesn’t believe the media has done enough to get her answers about what happened in Benghazi.

“Have her call me! I’m still waiting. Hillary, I’m waiting for what you promised me. All I heard was you getting on TV calling me a liar. That’s not true, Hillary. I am not the liar. You are the liar.”

Smith was responding to Clinton’s indignant proclamation that it is “time to move on.”

“I understand that after two years and more than $7 million spent by the Benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to report today that it had found nothing — nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board, or the conclusions of the prior, multiple earlier investigations carried out on a bi-partisan basis,” she said.

“I’ll leave it to others to characterize this report, but I think it’s pretty clear it’s time to move on,” Clinton declared.