Have the Clintons ever held a political event and not invited the media?

Bill Clinton was in Phoenix on Monday to attend a “Latino Leaders Roundtable,” according to one of the apparent participants.

“#Selfie with President @billclinton! Thank you for coming to Arizona Mr. President!” Stephanie Parra tweeted.

There was no media coverage of any such event.

Another photo of Clinton’s Phoenix visit was posted on social media — which appeared to be in a home. A podium could be seen in the background.

No fundraiser was listed on Hillary Clinton’s campaign website.

The only acknowledgment of Clinton’s visit came curiously from Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who told the media she met the former president on the tarmac at the airport.

She said she had a private 30-minute meeting with him, and had a discussion that was “primarily” social, according to her statement on the meeting.

Was Bill Clinton in Phoenix for the primary purpose of meeting with Lynch that was well guarded from the public and media?