Is the prospect of losing to Donald Trump — after narrowly defeating a 74-year-old socialist senator — frazzling the Hillary Clinton campaign?

MookRobby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, sent an email early this morning begging for donations and fearing she may not reach her June fundraising goal.

He wrote:

I don’t want to be hyperbolic — but I do want to be honest with you about where we are. And the truth is, as of today, we’re 130,000 donations short of our goal.

This goal isn’t some kind of generic oh-it-would-be-nice-to-get-there sort of thing. You know that’s not how we do things on this campaign.

This is about actual projections and budget decisions: If we don’t raise what we thought we would for June before tomorrow at midnight, we’re going to have to make some difficult calls about where our funding goes in key battleground states, whether to hire more organizers or cut back, or whether to set up that next field office.

“And the reason I feel so much urgency about this is because of the nature of the challenge we’re up against,” Mook wrote.

“I’ve lost elections before. I know how bad that feels. But I’ve never worked a race where I’ve spent more nights sitting awake, stressed about the implications of what losing might mean. Donald Trump isn’t a normal candidate, and if he beats us, it will be more than a defeat at the ballot box — it will be a once-in-a-generation setback for our values and our shared idea of what America means,” the email said.

Conversely, Trump is seeking to build on his $11 million fundraising haul last week by raising another $10 million before the June 30 filing deadline.