Independence from China? Jesse Ventura was a founding father?

That’s what some Americans believe this Independence Day, and it may lead you to wonder what the heck some schools are teaching, or what some students are doing while they’re there.

Mark Dice hit the streets of San Diego recently and found even more uninformed Americans and a dangerous lack of basic knowledge about our history.

One guy wearing a USA shirt said “fireworks” was the main point of the Fourth of July.

One woman knew it was Independence Day, but couldn’t think of from whom we broke away.

“History was not my subject. I slept through that class,” she confessed.

When Dice asked another woman about the year of America’s founding — the year “Jesse Ventura, John Wilkes Booth and the other founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence” — she answered, “Nineteen…seventy, sorry, 1870-something, but I don’t remember the specific year.”

Another woman thought, “1875…?”

Dice repeated the same “Jesse Ventura, John Wilkes Booth” line to another person and then asked him about his favorite founding father.

“Jesse Ventura,” the man responded. His friend chimed in with “Jeremiah.”

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Another guy didn’t flinch when Dice said America declared its independence from China.

Yet another said he was going to go “party” to celebrate the World War II victory over the Nazis.

These Americans represent the broader public who are clueless about our history or the way our government is designed to operate.

EAGnews reported earlier this year:

A survey of recent U.S. college graduates shows nearly 10 percent think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court.

Nearly 60 percent of those surveyed didn’t know how the Constitution is amended, and almost 40 percent didn’t know Congress can declare war. More than 60 percent of those polled also thought Thomas Jefferson – not James Madison – is the “Father of the Constitution,” the American Council of Trustees and Alumni report.

“Many of the figures may actually understate how poorly our colleges are doing because older respondents performed significantly better than younger ones,” according to a report released by the group this week titled “A Crisis in Civic Education.”

“For example, 98.2 percent of college graduates over the age of 65 know that the president cannot establish taxes – but only 73.8 percent of college graduates aged 25-34 answered correctly.”

Additionally, “When asked to identify the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, one-third of Americans could not name a single right; 43% could not even name freedom of speech as one of those rights,” the report notes.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside,” Abraham Lincoln once said. “If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”