Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them.

ABC 15 video shows multiple individuals hurling rocks at officers:

Meanwhile, a Donald Trump supporter was standing in the street and holding a sign for the candidate.

“I was standing in the street holding my ground and they started coming around me,” Matthew Meinecke said.

“And then I got cramped and everyone’s like cursing me like crazy and swearing and then I fell down to the ground.

“I was pushed to the ground and then I started getting trampled. That’s when the police pulled me out,” he said.

Holding up his ripped Trump sign, he said, “And then obviously this stuff happened. And it’s very, very insulting. It’s terrible.”

Other video shows Meinecke standing in the street has he’s surrounded. He ended up being pushed, before the sign is ripped out of his hands.