Protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia were marching down Broad Street – through the city’s revamped “Avenue of the States” – when they came across an injustice too blatant to ignore: the Mississippi state flag.

The flag includes the Confederate stars and bars emblem, which greatly offended liberals in town for the convention. About 50 or so who were participating in a march to support Sen. Bernie Sanders took a detour to gather around a lamppost with the flag, where folks stood in the roadway and shouted for its removal, The Clarion-Ledger reports.

One man attempted to climb the pole to remove the flag, and another tried to use a rope to pull in down, but police intervened.

“Protesters gathered under a Mississippi state flag (Confederate flag in it) yelling ‘take it down,’” Vann Newkirk posted to Twitter along with a video of the melee.

The video shows several protesters waiving their own flags, some promoting communism, while yelling “racist flag” and “Black Lives Matter.”

“Philadelphia police were heckled when they kept protesters from climbing the pole to remove the flags,” the Philly Voice reports.

After a couple of hours, city officials relented and removed the Mississippi flag and another one nearby, Philadelphia first deputy managing director Brian Abernathy told the news site.

Abernathy claims that city officials received complaints about the flag before protesters with the Democratic convention demanded its removal.

“Here is the Mississippi flag getting removed,” DNC PHILLY wrote in a video post to Twitter showing a worker in a bucket truck pulling the flag down to cheers from the crowd.

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Mississippi is the last state in the nation to still feature the Confederate emblem in its flag after attempts to change it in 2016 died in a legislative committee.

News 96.5 highlighted the removal and several Twitter posts about the incident.

Malcolm Quinn posted images of the activists waiving communist flags with the message: “#DNCinPHL Protesters have no problem waiving a Marxist flag, but they see a confederate flag and they are triggered!”

Others sounded off in the comments.

“If they don’t like the Mississippi state flag, they should take that up with Mississippi instead of causing a bunch of hassle for Philly cops who are just trying to do their job on a street that happens to have states’ flags on display,” Mike M wrote.

“Not only should the Mississippi flag still be up on the flagpole, the pole itself should be ‘liberally’ greased to prevent law-abiding Democrats from climbing up and illegally removing it,” PAINKING added.

“Maybe they should try doing something that will actually make a difference in the movement,” Corset Love wrote. “I’m sure there is something more important they could be doing.”