The Democratic National Convention built more walls than bridges on Monday.

A large blue wall, appearing to be about four feet tall, was erected at the bottom of the convention stage, as evidenced by this photo tweeted by @AZTrumpGirl:

DNC stage wall

But it appeared to be a late Sunday or early Monday project.

When soon-to-be former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz reviewed the podium Sunday night, there was no wall.

This is from ABC News footage of Wasserman’s walk through — that’s her in the pink dress:

DNC stage Debbie

It was almost as if she was inviting the poor, huddled rubes to join her on the stage.

But after the chaotic events throughout Monday, DNC organizers likely thought only a wall would protect the Democratic elites from the unwashed masses.

UPDATE: The DNC has now torn down the bright blue wall and replaced it with glass.

This video shows the more attractive — but equally restrictive — glass wall intended to keep troublemakers away from the Democratic elites on the stage: