The unwashed masses were getting a little too close to the convention center for the DNC’s liking, so they built another wall to keep out the undesirables.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that the Democratic National Convention hastily erected another wall overnight to protect the Wells Fargo Center — the second such wall.

“Thousands of protesters storming the barricades outside the DNC. This morning, new fences are being installed to keep them out,” Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocey noted.

Crews worked overnight to build the new wall separating the Democratic elites from everyone else.

The DNC is erecting a “no-scale” fence, which is eight feet tall.

“It makes it so the protesters can’t climb up it,” reporter Leland Vitter said.

The high wall is replacing bike rack-type barricades that were easily breached by critics of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

This comes on the heels of a giant four-mile barrier creating a large perimeter around the convention center.

Here’s a shot from a CNN Headline News report:


Twitter user @brokencarpenter visited the DNC border wall and noted there was originally “acres and acres and acres of fence.”

Now there will be even more fencing the DNC can ship to the southern border when the convention wraps up on Thursday.