The girl must have thought that nice looking old man with white hair would surely share his balloon with her.

She was wrong.

Among the bizarre videos of Bill Clinton playing with balloons at the end of the Democratic National Convention Thursday night, perhaps the most strange was when he refused to share a balloon he was holding with a little girl.

At the conclusion of Hillary’s speech, thousands of balloons dropped from the ceiling — a staple of political conventions.

Bill Clinton apparently took a real liking to a blue one with white stars.

Backstage, he could be see spinning it in his hands and milling around.

After the girl got a photo with Hillary, she turned to take the balloon from Bill. Instead of handing it to the child, he pulled away, preventing her from taking it.

Looking a bit stunned — or maybe embarrassed? — she picked one up off the floor, instead.

The rapidly aging former president was *really* into the balloons.

He could be seen kicking them, punching them out of the air, and at another point, carried to before throwing them.

The whole scene looked more like activity time at a senior center than a bunch of “change” agents fearlessly leading America into the future.