Hillary Clinton’s campaign apparently has a love-hate relationship with the American flag.

While they seemingly couldn’t get enough of them in Philadelphia, they’re literally discarding them in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Jason Cato posted a photo from inside Clinton’s Saturday rally in Pittsburgh that showed a pile of “confiscated” American flags in a heap on the floor.


“American flags confiscated and (piled) on floor at Hillary Clinton event in Pittsburgh,” Cato notes.

It’s not the first time the Clinton campaign has been caught disrespecting the flag.

In February, the Washington Post tweeted a disturbing photo that may show what some Hillary Clinton staffers really think about the American flag.

“With many hours to go, Clinton’s staff has flags ready for their election night party,” the paper tweeted.

The campaign appears to be violating basic flag etiquette.

According to Military.com, “Don’t let the flag touch the ground.”