CNN likely had an 11-year-old Donald Trump supporter on this morning to get him to turn on his candidate.

Instead, he provided some perspective many adults don’t have.

Matthew Schricker appeared on the news channel on Friday and was asked about the impact Trump’s language has on him.

“A lot has been made in this campaign of the language that is used, the name-calling that’s been used, especially in the primary,” the host said.

“As an 11-year-old watching it, what’s your reaction?”

“I really think that listening to a few bad words coming out of Donald Trump is a lot better than people getting blown up by terrorists, people getting burned alive, people’s heads being chopped off and people getting drowned,” Schricker responded.

Seeming to not be content with the boy’s sensible answer, the host turned to his mother.

“Does the rhetoric on both sides of this campaign bother you?” she was asked.

“Certainly as a mother, you don’t like to hear some of these comments so, somewhat bombastic and inflammatory,” Mary Schricker said, “however, I think the tenor of the world right now allows for those kinds of feelings to be aired.

“Honestly, when it comes to confronting a terrorist, I would rather have Trump confronting him than –” Schricker said, before Matthew jumped in and finished, “than Hillary Clinton.”