Race agitators in Milwaukee used the police shooting of an unarmed armed black man to burn down their city and attack white people.

Several videos show white drivers being stopped in the middle of the street and the “protesters” attempting to pull them out of their vehicles.

“They’re beating every white person!” one of the agitators shouted in the video. “They jumpin’ every white person.”

When the mob spotted a white driver, they attempted to block his car from passing.

“He white! Beat his sh*t!” the man yelled.


Other video shows agitators shouting “Black Power!” as a gas station burned.

Agitators could be seen destroying cars. They hit this one with cinder blocks and looted the truck, leaving its contents strewn on the street.

“Black power in this mother f*cker, man!” one person shouted.

Others bragged on Twitter they were going out to “loot white owned businesses” and waved a gun in front of his cell phone camera. They even created the “MilwaukeeLootCrew” hashtag.



Milwaukee police say “the victim, 23, was armed with a handgun and shot dead by an officer after fleeing a traffic stop on Milwaukee’s north side Saturday afternoon,” NBC News reports.

The man allegedly had a “lengthy arrest record” and was carrying a semiautomatic handgun that was reported stolen in a burglary in nearby Waukesha earlier this year.