There’s a reason CNN has been deemed the “Clinton News Network,” as their most recent display of openly shilling for Hillary Clinton is playing doctor, reporting that she is “fine.”

Here’s the incredible CNN headline on the story:

CNN clinton headline

The CNN report goes on to never once mention a fact that would actually deem Clinton’s health to be “fine,” and it even admits that there is not much evidence to make a judgement on the former Secretary of State’s health.

CNN Clinton headline2

CNN even called any questioning of Clinton’s health a “conspiracy theory.”

CNN Clinton headline3

In the same article, the network implied Donald Trump’s consumption of fast food may be cause for concern.

More recently, the candidate has openly professed and displayed his affection for fast food — though in moderation.

At a CNN town hall in February, he spoke glowingly of McDonald’s (“great stuff”) and KFC (“not the worst thing in the world”), while assuring viewers his burger diet was “very carefully” calibrated. He has posted images to social media showing him eating both while aboard his private jet.

Is it understandable now why the network has fallen behind MSNBC for the third straight week?