Hillary Clinton may have indicted her real feelings about law enforcement officers by refusing to fill out a police union endorsement questionnaire.

One America News reports the Fraternal Order of Police sent a list of questions to both Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump.

Trump’s answers covered 12 pages.

Clinton, meanwhile, “refused” to answer anything at all.

According to the union, Clinton’s campaign “has not provided a reason or explanation as to why they are not seeking the endorsement of the FOP.”

“We were really alarmed about that. When you see those kinds of things it’s really a slap in the face,” a representative of the union told OAN.

Trump has actively been courting law enforcement officers on the campaign trail.

The candidate met with active and retired officers at the FOP lodge in Akron, Ohio on Monday:

And has regularly held court with officers at campaign stops, on the airport tarmac, and behind the scenes of rallies.


The FOP represents some 300,000 active and retired law enforcement officers.