Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went on a tirade of hate against “racist liar” Donald Trump and the “radical fringe” of the Republican Party in Reno, Nevada today, despite the Clintons’ own ties to racist groups in previous elections.

confederate-flag-clinton-gore-button“From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party. His disregard for the values that make our country great is profoundly dangerous,” Clinton told the audience at Truckee Meadows Community College, according to The Washington Post.

“Trump is reinforcing harmful stereotypes and offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. It’s a disturbing preview of what kind of president he’d be,” she said. “The Trump campaign has also selected a prominent white nationalist leader as a delegate in California, and they only dropped him under pressure.

sonsofnewsouth“When asked in a nationally televised interview whether he would disavow the support of David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, Trump wouldn’t do it. And only later, again, under mounting pressure, did he backtrack,” Clinton claimed, among numerous other accusations of implied racism by The Donald.

But what Clinton didn’t discuss, what she’s refused to discuss, is that both her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have enjoyed the support of groups using racist imagery throughout their lifelong political careers.

During the 1992 presidential election, Clinton-Gore campaign pins featured the Confederate flag with the heads of the presidential and vice presidential candidates atop Confederate soldiers with the slogan “Sons of the New South” emblazoned across the button.

Another, also from 1992, featured rectangular button with a Confederate flag and the words “Clinton-Gore 1992,” multiple media sources reported.alabamaclinton

TheBlaze made multiple attempts last year to question Hillary Clinton about the buttons, as well as an act signed by her husband to honor the Confederate flag when he was the governor of Arkansas. The bill specifically stated that “the blue star above the word ‘ARKANSAS’ (on the state flag) is to commemorate the Confederate States of America,” according to the news site.

According to The Daily Caller:

The pandering did not stop with Bill. His wife and now Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got in on the Confederate flag campaign action in 2008 during her first run for president. One campaign South Carolina primary pin is a circular Confederate Flag with the words “Arkansas Travelers In Support of Hillary Clinton For President.” …

Alabama Democrats made a similar button for Mrs. Clinton at the time. However, at the bottom of the flag shown on the pin are the words “Heritage not Hate.”

The KKK has also contributed to Hillary Clinton’s political warchest, The American Mirror reports.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller told the Reno Gazette-Journal the Trump campaign is hardly surprised by Clinton’s comments Thursday, especially considering the mounting criticism over her numerous scandals, from influence peddling arranged between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during her time as Secretary of State to Clinton jeopardizing national security by reviewing classified material through her private, not-so-secure email server.clintonconfederate

“Hillary Clinton’s attempt to delete the single worst week of her political career isn’t going to work,” Miller said. “Her admission that there’s a lot of smoke but no fire is a complete lie, and the American public’s response will be to do exactly as her campaign suggests: don’t vote for her.”

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Sara Sendeck also condemned Clinton for evading the media, as the Democratic candidate hasn’t held a press conference in 264 days, according to the news site.

“While Hillary Clinton often views herself as above the law, anyone seeking the highest office in the land should be willing to face members of the media and answer for their questionable behavior,” Sendek said. “Her continued evasion of the press brings up an important question on voters’ minds: what exactly is she hiding?”