Frequent “Dr. Drew” guest John Cardillo think he knows exactly why host Pinsky lost his show on CNN’s HLN after five years on the air.

John Cardillo Dr Drew“Personally, I think HLN was undergoing a major overhaul to make it more pro-Hillary friendly,” Cardillo, host of “The John Cardillo Show” on 880 The Biz, tells The American Mirror.

Pinsky’s comments about Hillary Clinton’s health, made on a KABC radio show on August 16th, may have provided the impetus for the network to ditch one of its popular primetime hosts.

Dr. Drew said he reviewed the limited information that has been released with Dr. Robert Huizenga on his HLN show.

“Based on the information she has provided, he were gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care,” the HLN and MTV star said on KABC.

“Both of us concluded that if we provided the care she was receiving, we’d be ashamed to show up in a doctors lounge, we’d be laughed out.

“She’s receiving sort of 1950-level sort of care by our evaluation,” he said.

Pinsky was alarmed by the treatments for some of her ailments, particularly for blood clots.

Pinsky noted Clinton has a very rare blood clot in the “collecting system for the celebral spinal fluid,” which he said “guarantees somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system.”

He concluded her health care “looks bizarre.”

Nine days later, Pinsky was booted from his show gig on HLN.

Deadline reported:

Days after CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield announced on air she’s moving to HLN in the fall, HLN quietly confirmed Dr. Drew Pinsky’s program will end next month, though he will remain a contributor for CNN Worldwide. …

Pinsky made headlines last week when he announced on his radio show he is “gravely concerned” about Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health and the health care she is receiving. It played nicely into Donald Trump’s position that Clinton is not healthy enough to serve as POTUS.

“Drew is good TV,” Cardillo tells The American Mirror. “Far more engaging than Banfield. And no one can deny that a cancellation coming nine days after some pretty damning words about Hillary’s health is peculiar.

As for the intent of the cancellation, Cardillo says, “I think it puts on air personalities, especially at Hillary friendly outfits, on notice that ‘this can happen to you if you don’t bow down to the queen.'”

Cardillo warns the purge of hosts like Pinsky “Won’t be the last.

“But I’m less concerned about liberal media purging their ranks of non ideological drones than I am about President Hillary weaponizing the FCC against conservative media.”