Documents from Nancy Pelosi’s computer were leaked by the Romanian hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” including a memo showing that the House Minority Leader knew the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton lied to the American people about Benghazi and choose to hide those facts.

The memo states all talking points and background information about the Benghazi attacks and included in a bold font that UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s claims about an internet video were “later proved false.”

In the memo, Democrats also detail that her claim “contradicted some early reports” but they did not mention that Hillary Clinton also promoted that fabricated story about the internet video when she spoke at the transfer of remains ceremony to honor the four Americans killed.

E-mails released by the State Department proved that Clinton knowingly lied to the American public and corresponded with her daughter about the fact that the attacks were linked to a terrorist group.

Clinton later famously defended those remarks claiming “what difference does it make.”

Clearly it made a difference to Nancy Pelosi, who corrected the record in the memo.

Democrats were issued talking points in the memo to respond to the Benghazi attacks, they were basically as follows: call people who question it “conspiracy theorists,” attack Republicans for turning it into a witch hunt against Clinton, and blame the GOP for “voting against funding diplomacy and development.”

At no point in the talking points did they mention the fact that both Clinton and Rice lied to the American public about what caused the attacks.

Image via Guccifer 2.0
Image via Guccifer 2.0