Louisiana teen McKenzie Gill was excited about her 18th birthday, and voting in her first presidential election, until she visited a local grocery store to order a cake to honor the occasions.

“Just left Albertsons. The women behind the cake counter just refused to make me a birthday cake because I wanted ‘Trump 2016’ on it,” Gill posted to Facebook Monday. “Did that really just happen?”

gillOfficials for the Albertson’s grocery store in Bossier City, Louisiana confirmed that it did.

“We apologize to our customer in Bossier City for the situation regarding the cake that was requested,” company spokeswoman Connie Yeates said in a prepared statement to KSLA. “Our bakery staff member misunderstood the training provided regarding copyrighted phrases, and incorrectly informed the customer we could not fulfill her request. We would be happy to provide the cake as the customer requested.”

Gill told the news site she wanted the Trump 2016 cake for her birthday because “Trump is just someone I really look up to,” and explained how the interaction at the counter went down.

“We just need an American flag cake with Trump 2016 on it, and right when I said Trump the lady just (makes face) kinda Trump?” Gill said. “And she was like, ‘I can make you a flag cake but I’m not going to write Trump on it.’”

Gill, who donned a Make America Great Again cap for her KSLA interview, said the episode convinced her to alert store officials to the defiant employee and take her business elsewhere.

“It’s your job,” Gill said, according to AL.com, “we’re not really going for your opinion on what you think of the candidates we were just wanting Trump 2016 on the cake.”

In the last two days, Gill’s Facebook post has garnered more than 230 shares and 100 comments.

“I was just venting on Facebook when I made the status I made, I didn’t think I was going to get as much attention as it did,” Gill said.

Several folks who commented on the post were outraged by the baker’s refusal.

“That sounds like a good lawsuit,” Linda Brittain posted.

“I’d be rich,” Kevin Giddens added.

“Unbelievable, this has got to stop,” Val Boswell wrote. “What happened to ‘the customer is always right.’”

Even several people who dislike Trump agreed that the baker was out of line, and should have complied with the request.

“Even though Trump is a pile of shit, the cake should have been made as requested,” Jack Estephan wrote.

“I am a Democrat and dislike Trump but this is unacceptable behavior,” Antonio Bigazzi added.

“Wow….unbelievable! And the store’s totally lame explanation of the employee “misunderstanding her training” is such bullcrap!” Stacey Cotter wrote. “They just don’t want to take responsibility for their employee’s bigotry.”