When Matt Lauer hosted NBC News’ Commander in Chief Forum with the presidential candidates on Wednesday, he failed to disclose his past ties with the Clinton Foundation.

Lauer kicked off the event on MSNBC and warmly greeted Hillary Clinton.

“Hi Matt, how are you?” Clinton said as she approached the stage. “Good to see you.”

“Good to have you,” he replied. “Nice to see you, good evening.”

“I’m happy you’re doing this,” she added.

Heat Street reported September 3rd:

Matt Lauer was recently announced as host of the very first presidential candidate forum this election season. …

Lauer is an interesting choice to host a presidential debate forum, not because he’s a host of a kooky NBC morning show, or because he’s a part-time Charlie Brown LARPer. Lauer is also listed as a “Notable Past Member” of the Clinton Foundation. Yes, that same Clinton Foundation currently under FBI investigation, as well as the subject of emails released last week that appear to show foreign donors trading contributions for personal favors from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

As reported last year by Mediate and updated yesterday, Lauer was listed on the foundation’s home website as a contributing member along with several other possible moderators to-be.