In the mad dash to get Hillary Clinton away from the 9/11 memorial ceremonies, aides left her shoe on the curb.

Disturbing and shocking video has emerged from Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode” today in New York City.

Clinton reportedly left a 9/11 remembrance ceremony and was helped to her motorcade van.]

Video captured a listless Clinton nearly fall backwards.

She could be seen leaning against a security pillar — and being held up — as the van approached the curb.

She began stumbling and appeared to begin falling backwards.

Staffers and a Secret Service agents grabbed her by the arms as her knees buckled and she began to collapse. They forced her into the van.

Other agents and aides blocked the view as she was carried into the vehicle.

Former NYPD officer John Cardillo reported that Clinton “began to pass out and was caught by security detail. Went limp. Lost shoes. Put her in van head first.”